Classic Bike Parts Cheshire FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

1) When does a motorcycle become classic?

A motorcycle usually becomes a classic bike when it is around 30 years old. There are however many motorcycles from the 1990’s that are referred to as modern classics. We specialise in classic bike parts for BSA, Triumph, Norton and many others that are pre 1980.


2) When does a classic motorcycle become MOT and TAX exempt?

Any motorcycle that is 40 years old is MOT and TAX exempt making them virtually free to own. Despite this your classic motorcycle still needs to be roadworthy and in a condition that would still pass an MOT.


3) What classic motorcycle parts do you sell?

We are an online classic bike shop and sell a huge range of classic motorcycle spares for all popular British bikes including BSA, Triumph, Norton, AMC and may others. These parts are often direct OEM replacement parts found originally on your classic motorcycle. We stock thousands of UK made classic bike spares from top brands such as AMAL, Lucas, Smiths Instruments, Champion and many others.


4) How to start a classic bike restoration?

Starting a classic bike restoration can be a daunting task. Not only do you need a level of knowledge to tackle changing and refurbishing existing components. Thankfully we have lots of helpful guides and classic bike restoration videos. There are also many online forums with like minded classic bike owners will offer help and advice. Classic Bike Parts Cheshire has restored many vintage motorbikes and our experts can offer any advice on selecting and fitting classic bike spares.


5) How to remove a Smiths Speedometer Crimped Bezel?

Carefully cut through old brass bezel with fine toothed hacksaw. Trying to crimp the new bezel is not recommended & cannot be crimped on without a special tool.  Recommendation is to fit a new crimped bezel using a bead of clear silicon hidden under the bezel & seal & then place upside down with an applied weight on it while the silicon cures.  This leaves a nice machined edge visible & the bezel & glass can be prized off in the future.


6) What advice do you give when working on a classic motorcycle carburettor from AMAL?

When working on AMAL carbs never over tighten any components particularly the pilot jet, if over tightened they may seize overtime & then you cannot remove them rendering the carb useless if the brass screw head on the pilot jet is damaged.  Also only used approved gaskets & “O” rings.  Do not use any tip of sealers as this contaminates the internal workings of the carb in particular the jets.


7) When do I need to replace a AMAL carburettor float needle set?

On an AML carb if the float needle is worn it is wise to replace the needle seat as well


8) How to safely fit a classic motorcycle footrest rubber?

When fitting foot rubbers the rubber can be quite brittle so before fitting it is recommended they are warmed with a hair dryer before fitting for easier application & to reduce the risk of the splitting. 


9) What advice do you give for starting a classic motorcycle in cold weather?

When starting a classic motorcycle in colder weather it is recommend to that you warm the inlet manifold with a hair dryer this improvers vaporisation of the fuel & prevents moisture / condensation mixing with the fuel. Also warming the spark plugs as well can aid starting


10) How do I work out the size of an imperial rear drive chain? 

The size of your imperial rear drive chain can be determined from the specification of the rear sprocket


11) What advice do you have with problems relating to classic motorcycle kick starts?

If you have problems with the kickstart on your classic motorcycle clearing the silencer you can use the extended inlet pipes product code 96014 on our website.


12) What should I use to safely clean alloy parts on a vintage motorbike? 

When cleaning & polishing alloy parts on your classic motorcycle, fine wire wool, wet & dry paper & Autosol for polishing is recommended depending on the severity of the condition of the alloy


13) How do I re-spoke a classic bike wheel rim?

When re-spoking your classic motorcycle rim to avoid disturbing the hub position remove the alternate spokes & replace with new ones & then replace the remaining spokes.  Ensure you maintain a similar tension on each spoke as it is fitted  This is the easy way to re-spoke wheel rims.


14) Do you sell parts for cafe racers?

Yes, many of our classic bike spares are universal and fit many cafe racer motorcycles. We also have a dedicated Cafe Racers section here.


15) What is the best advice for restoring a BSA?

We supply a wide range of BSA spares that will assist in completing any BSA restoration. We have thousands of parts particular BSA Bantam spares and other popular bikes.


16) Do you have parts lists for classic motorcycle restoration projects?

Yes you can download a free classic motorcycle parts book from our website here.


17) I need many parts for a Triumph T140 what is the best electrical parts to use on this motorcycle?

We stock a wide range of classic triumph spares and have many suitable parts for Triumph T140. The best electrical parts we recommend are from Lucas you can see an example of a Lucas ammeter here as well as Pazon ignitions and many other classic triumph spares.