BSA Bantam Parts

At Classic Bike Parts Cheshire we stock thousands of BSA Bantam Spares which we know is one of the most popular classic motorcycles with our customers. These parts cover all models from the BSA Bantam D1 right through to later models such as the BSA Bantam D10, D14 & D175. These parts are new replacement bantam spares perfect for any classic BSA Bantam restoration project from top brands such as Lucas, Wipac and many others seen originally on BSA Bantam motorcycles. As well as BSA Bantam parts we sells a huge range of parts for all BSA motorcycles which can be found here.


BSA Bantam

BSA Bantam D7 beautifully restored by Classic Bike Parts Cheshire

History of the BSA Bantam 

The first original BSA B1 Bantam was made in October 1948 and is known one of the most famous archetypal truly British lightweight motorcycle. The original BSA Batam sold for just 60 pounds + tax. 

BSA Bantam Models 

We stock BSA Bantam spares for all BSA models and below gives a helpful summary of the different BSA Bantam models and their history throughout the Bantams development.

Model NameYears ProducedEngineTop SpeedNo. of
ElectricsColour scheme
125 cc, 4 bhp (3 kW)45 mph (72 km/h)3Rigid
Rigid and plunger
Wico-Pacy or LucasMist-green only (including wheel-rims)
BD1 125 cc, 4 bhp (3 kW)45 mph (72 km/h)3 Wico-Pacy or LucasLimited edition, Black Tank with Chrome
strips, leg guards & chrome wheels.
D31954–1957150 cc, 5.3 bhp (4.0 kW)50 mph (80 km/h)3Plunger (Swinging
arm after 1956)
Wico-PacyGrey, Black or Maroon
D51958175 cc, 7.4 bhp (5.5 kW)57 mph (92 km/h)3Swinging ArmWico-PacyEntire machine Maroon or Black with Ivory tank panels and chrome bars and wheels.
D71959–1966175 cc, 7.4 bhp (5.5 kW)57 mph (92 km/h)3Swinging ArmWipacVarious shades of red or blue with chrome highlights.
D101967175 cc, 10 bhp (7 kW)57 mph (92 km/h)3Swinging ArmWipac with coil ignition
and 60 W alternator
Blue & Silver or Polychromatic Blue & Chrome
D10 Sports
& Bushman
1967175 cc, 10 bhp (7.5 kW)57 mph (92 km/h)4Swinging ArmWipac with coil ignition
and 60W alternator
Sports Flamboyant Red & Chrome, Bushman Orange & White
D14/4 Supreme

D14/4 Sports & Bushman

1968 -1969175 cc, 12.6 bhp (9.4 kW)65 mph (105 km/h)4Swinging ArmWipacBlack or Polychromatic Blue with two tone tank,
painted above, chrome plate below.

Sports Flamboyant Red & Chrome, Bushman Orange & White

& Bushman
1969–1971175 cc, 12.6 bhp (9.4 kW)65 mph (105 km/h)4Swinging ArmWipacBlue, Red or Black.

Bushman Orange & White

BSA Bantam Parts 

BSA Bantam engines are a unit construction meaning the BSA engine and gearbox are manufactured as one piece single cylinder or two stroke. The BSA Bantam gearbox was originally three speed but later models went to four. The ignition would be either Lucas battery powered coil or a magneto by Wipac on later machines. Traditionally BSA Bantams had fish tail styled exhausts which were later followed by a more recognisable traditional cylinder silencer. There are also many BSA Bantams that have been modified to BSA Bantam racing machines designed to improve the BSA Bantam speed. Additionally, many Bantam enthusiasts have learnt how to build a BSA Bantam trials bike and make many customisations across the huge array of BSA Bantam models.

BSA Bantams For Sale 

Finding a BSA Bantam should be quite easy, there are often BSA Bantam eBay listings as well as numerous classic motorcycle websites dedicated to selling classic BSA Bantams. We have completed numerous restorations and can often help customers find a BSA Bantam for sale. It is important to do research and checK BSA Bantam buying guides if you intend to take on a classic motorcycle restoration.

Is there a BSA Bantam club? 

There are numerous BSA clubs and specific BSA Bantam clubs that many of our customers are members off. These can be found on places like Facebook and across the internet. They are often a great place to meet like minded BSA Bantam owners who usually very friendly and enjoy sharing their experience and stories relating to BSA Bantams.

BSA Bantam Parts For Sale 

Classic Bike Parts Cheshire has lots of BSA Bantam spares in stock. The best way to find what you need is visit our BSA page and filter which category of part you need e.g. BSA Bantam engine parts etc. Below we have a small selection BSA Bantam spares.