New Oil Pressure Gague Kits

Protect Your Engine With a Classic Bike Part Cheshire Oil Pressure Kit

We are excited to launch a new product range designed at protecting your Classic Bike Engine

Most vintage & Classic British motorcycles including Triumph and BSA have provision for an Oil Pressure Gauge which replaces the existing oil pressure switches. Although the gauges were not fitted as standard on the bikes originally, only the oil pressure switch would be produced as standard.

The oil pressure switch & warning light will only indicate low engine oil pressure. If your oil pressure drops below a certain threshold it can be a sign of engine problems and lead to more serious repair problems if not rectified early.  

Installing this oil pressure gauge kit will provide continuous engine oil pressure and condition monitoring whenever the engine is running.

Our new oil pressure gauges Features are rugged, shock-proof construction. This small oil pressure gauge is designed to last. The gauge is liquid filled to eliminate needle bounce caused by vibration to the gauge. A high quality oil pressure gauge for the fraction of the cost of some car & motorcycle oil pressure gauges.

Classic Bike Parts Cheshire Oil Pressure Guage Kit

The gauge is very easy to fit & will take 1/2 hour approximately to fit. Guidance on fitting is provided with the kit or we can be contacted for more details on fitment.  These kits use top quality Goodridge Automotive High Pressure hose & fittings. The gauges are sourced from the USA & are excellent quality.

These kits are super easy to install and can be replaced in minutes giving you peace of mind and full visibility on your engine oil pressure.

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